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Young adult


A lot of young people enter college without knowing what life path they want to pursue.  They hope that taking some classes will help clear this up and give them direction and a possible major.  Evidently this option isn't working that well.  Less than 20% of College graduates go into the field they studied for.  

We at Inner PathWorks believe that each individual comes as a gift to the planet and has inherit abilities that our culture and the planet needs.  So we have created an environment, using nature and creativity, ancient skills and modern research, that can awaken your soul's purpose. 


The training has you face your fears and expand every part of you.  It is demanding and mysterious.  You are preparing to discover your personal vision. 

This is much more than just finding a career, but it will help you identify which career to begin with.


Ideal Student


Strong Desire to Make a Difference

Want to Create a Life of Meaning, Purpose, & Adventure

Excited to Jump In and Work Hard

Open to Non-Conventional Concepts & Skills

Like the Idea of "JEDI" Training  

Want Practical Help Choicing a College Major or Life Work

Highly Talented and Want a Positive Tangible Outlet

Committed to His/Her Recovery (if addiction is a problem)

Feel Ready to Launch But Don't Know How or Where to Start



INNER PATHWORKS supports healthy families and culture

by including Parent Training for the student's family

and helping parents & community facilitate

a Rites of Passage for its graduates.


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