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Native Awareness  

One of the most important skills for growth is awareness.  The scouts of native tribes were tuned into the pulse of the earth.  This gave them incredible opportunities and adventures.             

Creative Arts 

Your "soul identity" awakens when you stretch your imagination.  We enjoy creating using many types of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, woodwork, blacksmithing and more.

Earth Compatible & Nature Immersion  

Most human beings are aliens on their own planet, according to Tom Brown, Jr., creator of the Tracker School.  Being at home on your own planet creates a sense of belonging that many lack.  Knowing that no matter what happens you have the skills and connection with the earth to thrive empowers you to live with passion.      



Singing, dancing, playing an instrument and creating transformative music are all ways to open your mind and body to stepping into the fullness you were created to enjoy.  Dancing, chanting and drumming bring healing to the mind and the spirit.              



Listening to, telling, writing and acting out stories has long been a way to pass forward wisdom, as well as to dislodge disempowering unconscious beliefs.     


Film Making & Photography

Envisioning and creating your future starts with being able to see and feel within you and then to bring that forth in some creative fashion.   Photography captures a moment, a thing of interest and a mood or feeling.  Film requires you to capture a story or to bring a story to life.  Both move you beyond "the ruts" of the ordinary.  


Vision Quests

Vision Quests have been a vital part of so many cultures and traditions as a means of finding one's life direction and purpose.  It is a three or four day break from the ordinary, done in a remote secluded place where one cry's to the Creator for a vision for their life. 



Natives knew how to live in harmony with the earth in a way that most of us in modern culture do not know or understand.  Much has been lost as to how to be a caretaker, a giver instead of a taker.  We explore how to bring the wisdom of the past into the 21st century.


Creator-Based Spirituality

There is a voice within each one of us that links us to the Creator and to all things.  Christians call it the Holy Spirit and natives call it the Spirit that Moves in All Things.  The first principle is to not hold back from being "the awesome gift" that the Creator has sent to bless the earth.  There are many lessons which make us a valuable asset to this time and place.


Practical Life 

These skills include basic finance, emotional intellegence, communication skills, teamwork and leadership: how to think outside the box but not get thrown out with the trash.


Entrepreneur Skills

Some participants will be seeking to start up their own business.  For these we offer tips and coaching on how to get started.




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