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Colleen Russell, life transition specialists and Dream Coach,

assists you discover a roadmap for reclaiming the authentic you.

“ I feel like part of me is still waiting in the wings, wanting to embrace my authentic self but I don’t know how”.    Heard from a workshop participant


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Women’s Journeys


Somewhere around midlife women begin to realize they have lost touch with who they really are.  This is the soul calling them back to their authentic selves. 

The journey to the soul requires an inward journey and often there is little support in our culture to honor the work it takes to follow the call. 

We provide personal coaching for those who feel they are in the midst of their journey and need support and encouragement to continue.  Signs and symptoms of the journey may include:

  • Having a vague sense that you don’t know who you are anymore

  • Feeling that the life you are living no longer fits

  • Feeling like you’ve lost touch with your creative self

  • Noticing a hunger for a deeper spiritual connection

  • Desiring to live life from your heart

  • Feeling empty even though it appears you have the perfect life

  • Experiencing multiple transitions in your life

  • Needing more time alone



         Dream Coaching


      Coaching for Mom's

     Launching Their Young Adults


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Understanding the Womans's Journey to Wholeness

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