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Randy and Colleen Russell direct SouLore (Soul Lore) from their home near Sandpoint , Idaho. Since 1994 they have worked together creating opportunities for individuals to live authentically from a place of meaning and purpose, (souful living). 

From 1998 till 2005 they developed and directed a transitional leadership school called Life Designs (www.lifedesignsranch.com). Young people from the USA and beyond came for a five month adventure in self-discovery, life preparation and celebration into adulthood. The program trained both young person and parent how to make healthy life transitions. They have passed Life Designs over to the trusted leadership of Vince Baranco in order to design and facilitate healthy transitions to a wider audience.


A little about Colleen and Randy's background:

Randy has a Master's degree from The University of Tennesse in Recreation & Leisure.  His post graduate training also includes secondary education, psychology, youth services, indigenious wisdom, outdoor emergency care and experiential education.

One of Randy's main assets for working with families is the training and initiation into adulthood by wise parents and "Elders".

Randy has been working in  transition work since 1974, when he started a mentoring program for college students.

His experience includes recreation therapist, summer camp director, therapeutic wilderness director, high school teacher, licensed minister, and program director for leadership and transition into adulthood programs.

Colleen's educational background is in journalism and transpersonal psychology with a Master's from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

She has taught transition skills for the past twelve years with extensive research and training in all areas of human life transitions.  Her specialty is in Women's Studies and a woman's journey into wholeness. 

Colleen is a certified dream coach and neuro-linguistic programmer.  She is currently finishing a book about the women's journey called Your Soul is Calling.   She regularly facilitates workshops for women.

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