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There are a number of different reasons why someone in mid-life would want to use Inner PathWorks.

    • You realize you are entering another stage of life and you need answers
    • You aren't finding meaning and purpose in your career
    • You are ready for life to be a worthwhile adventure
    • You are one of the one's that talked about "when you grow up"; it's time
    • Your kids leaving home left you empty or without an identity
    • You've been through a divorce and need direction for what is next
    • You just want to expand your awareness and be at home on the earth
    • Your kid got to do a wilderness and woke up; you want something similar


We live in an adolescent culture, having few actualized adults and very few Elders to lead us (lots of Olders).  If we want to leave this planet and culture better than we found it, we need to do our own healthy transition into Second Adulthood. 

We at Inner PathWorks have created an environment, using nature and creativity, ancient skills and modern research, that can awaken your soul's purpose for the next stage of life. 



The training has you face your fears and expand every part of you.  It is demanding, without straining you physically.  It is mysterious because you are exploring  the natural world through native eyes and your inner core through creativity. 


Ideal Student


Strong Desire to Make a Difference

Want to Create a Life of Meaning, Purpose, & Adventure

Open to Non-Conventional Concepts & Skills

Like the Idea of "JEDI" Training  

Committed to His/Her Recovery (if addiction is a problem)

Feel Ready to Launch But Don't Know How or Where to Start



INNER PATHWORKS supports healthy families and culture

by offering ways for you to create

positive adult to adult relationships with your adult children,

 Parent Workshop for Empowering Young Adults

and helping you plan & facilitate

a Rites of Passage for them


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