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what to expect


    • quality time in the woods expanding your awareness
    • learning skills that take away your fears
    • discovering your connection to all living things and more
    • learning how to use your internal guidance system 
    • struggle is a necessary component of how you learn
    • creativity is an avenue to your soul
    • finding most super natural is actually forgotten natural
    • learning the skills to build a meaningful life adventure
    • and much, much more

The training is designed to awaken the student to a life which most of those in western culture are totally unaware.  It will expand the students ability to use his/her mind, body and talents.  The students enhanced awareness will fill his or her life with adventure and "sacred questions", making boredom almost obsolete. Students learn to silence negative mind chatter and hear that inner voice which guides in a good way.  

The training prepares the student for a vision quest.  The vision quest is one's audience with the Creator, where he or she seek the vision for his/her life. 



A Sample of a Daily Schedule

Morning Sit Spot

(dynamic meditation)

Fire by Friction

Thanksgiving Address

Exploring Senses with Breakfast

Nature & Awareness Training



Story of the Day

The Art of Supper

The Mystery of the Night





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