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 Parent Workshop for Launching Young Adults

  Sandpoint, Idaho Workshops


  January 24 - 26

March 28 - 30

June 7 - 9

July 25 - 27




Workshop Testimonials

"Wow, I've learned so much!  I learned that for my son to become an adult I need to move from judging and managing his life to empowering him by believing in him and giving him the space to succeed.

I also learned that its OK for me to move along into my second adulthood, which will also help him by showing him that we have changed."

Bob Watson

Texas parent


I feel like I've been mentored, without judgement and encouraged to grow myself and to be part of a chain in changing the direction of the future generations.

Cynthia Fialho

California parent


"The parent workshop has helped me understand how I can be a resource in helping my son become self reliant.  Thank you Randy and Colleen."

Greg Freels,

Wisconsin parent


"Empowering and liberating for us."

Betsey Perrier

New York parent


"I found it to be helpful in dealing with my own issues of my daughter's behavior; not as hard on myself when looking for reasons this happened.  What did I do wrong?"


Ohio parent


"It helped me know best how to tune into my son's needs as he moves into this next daunting developmental stage."


Wisconsin parent


How Do I Get My Child To Step Into Adulthood?

Failure to Launch - Quarterlife Crisis - College Dropout - Unmotivated & Depressed Kid - Lack of Direction

Strategies for Preparing and Launching Young Adults

"My kid won't grow up"


"My child has a college degree and is sitting on the coach doing nothing"


"I need a way to get my adult child to leave home and get a life"


"It is hard for me to not bail out my kid, but it isn't helping.  Now what?"

"Our children are young now but we want to be setting up for the changes ahead"

We Have Answers

Over 40 years of helping families successfully launch their youth into empowered adulthood. Learn strategies for assisting young people through the transition into adulthoood, including how to create meaningful family rites of passage ceremonies.



Launching Young Adults

Parent Workshops

This three-day workshop provides:

  • A road map from adolescence to adulthood; avoiding costly detours
  • Tools that move you from management to consultant
  • A powerful secret on how to inspire courage and positive life changes
  • Nuts & Bolts, Dollars and Sense instructions for shifting them to self-reliance.
  • How and when to design powerful ceremonies that evoke transformation


Facts you need to know :

  1. High school and college will probably not prepare your child for self-reliance (65% of college graduates are moving back in with their parents)
  2. Unnecessary rescue disempowers a young person's ability to succeed
  3. If you are avoiding your own natural transition, then you are missing the opportunity to inspire your soon-to-be adult child.

Come spend a few days in a workshop that can provide you clarity and a sense of direction and relief from parental anxiety.

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Tuition plus weekly post-workshop teleconference support

 Sandpoint workshops per person: $650.00. 

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